Alien Xenomorph Q-Fig
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The well-known monster from the Ridley Scott franchise "Alien" Xenomorph has been causing fear among movie fans for more than forty years.
And now he can scare you too, settling in your collection of figurines!
The Xenomorph figurine represents a real predator that descends along a metal chain, hunting for a very unfortunate prey.
The Xenomorph has sharp claws, and only sticky slime oozing from the creature's mouth and a heavy load chain provides balance to the figure. Do you need such a scary figurine? Of course yes!
The Perfect Killing Machine is now the perfect collectible figure. The 13 cm tall Xenomorph figurine is made of vinyl and transparent PVC and sits on a stand that resembles the spaceship floor.

Title: Alien
Category: Figures
Approx. Height (Cm): 13
Material: High-Quality PVC
Age: 14

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